Desire a web developer position, bringing cross sector experience and skillsets into the development of programs that can help contribute to customers' business goals.

Relavant Skills

HTMLS, Mind Mapping, Business Sense, GTD, Logical Thinking, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Strategic Planning, Data Structures, Microsoft Office, ColdFusion, JavaScript, SharePoint, JQuery, BootStrap, Python, SQL, Ajax, Analytical Skills, Multitasking, Project Management, Adult Training and Assessment, GitHub, Flask, RestfulAPl, JSON, Collaboration, Detail-oriented

Working Experience

Centre Director

Stroke Support Station

Assist in setting up Stroke Support Station (S3), Singapore’s first dedicated wellness centre to meet the gap in post stroke care of stroke survivors and their caregivers.
It partners organization of statutory and other volunteer welfare organizations caring for stroke survivors to offer a unique platform for providing innovative programs, support services, education and training for stroke survivors, caregivers, volunteers, relevant professionals, and the general public to enable stroke survivors achieving a better quality of life through step-down rehabilitation, social-emotional support, rebuilding confidence and independence..

General Manager

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society

A mission to straighten up the accounts in preparation for audit and renew the charity's IPC status turn into a fulfilling journey of setting up Pro Bono Afterlife Memorial Service, including structuring the process and funding it with a government administered trust fund.

Executive Director

Action for Aids Singapore

An enriching journey of building up capacity and capability of the organisation, increasing trust of the statutory board and fundings to implement programme needed to make an impact. Collaborated with HPB to launch an island wide campaign for destigmatised HIV and reduce discrimination of people living with HIV. HIV was a taboo word, but now people can discuss about HIV openly without whispering.


  • Diploma in Software Development (Aug 2020)
    Code Institute
  • Bachelor's Degree BSc(Hons) in Computing, Upper Second Honors
    Coventry University
  • Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies
    University of Cambridge


  • CSS3CSS3
  • JavascriptJavaScript
  • BootstrapBootstrap
  • jQueryjQuery
  • Restful APIRESTful API

Certificates and Projects

  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

Past Volunteering experience

  • Venue-based HIV Teesting Projects
  • Volunteer IT Administrator
  • Grassroot Resident Committee Executive Member